Meet Erick. This big lovable lump needs a home.

He is 8 yrs old, neutered, and his shots are all up to date.

Erick is also diabetic. Erick’s previous owners had a toddler that terrified him. He was very stressed out and unhappy. This made it very hard to get his blood sugar levels regulated so this very sweet, and otherwise healthy boy was going to be euthanized.

Needless to say Erick went into an emergency foster.

In just 4 weeks, Erick has gone from requiring 6 units of insulin/day to just 1 unit which is incredible!!! A quiet loving home, a proper diet and a consistent insulin schedule are all factors. It is our hope that eventually Erick will go in to remission and his blood sugar levels will be able to be maintained with just a proper diet.

His vaccinations were just done August 27th and last week he had his boosters, a VERY thorough exam and a fructosamine test😁
This guy is definitely a snuggle bum. Erick requires a quiet home with NO other cats and NO young children. This is crucial to his well-being as well as his happiness. Small to medium sized adult dogs are ok as long as they are fairly calm, and respect his space.

Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence nor does it have to break the bank. There are some great resources available to owners of diabetic pets and some very helpful tools and tricks. It is easier than you might think!
If you are interested in giving this freckle faced sweetheart a “fur”ever home please fill out the application below.