Pet Listings


Grace came to us as a heavily pregnant girl. Infested with fleas. Mouth so swollen she could barely eat and sores to her back/sides.  It took us awhile to understand what she was suffering from. 1 week after she came to us she delivered her babies prematurely and stillborn.  Shortly after that we had her in for her Spay and discovered she had a Pyometra (an infection in her uterus) and a mouth full of rotten teeth. She also had wounds to several areas on her back end. She is now on antibiotics and pain meds and I two weeks will have a full dental done. Thankfully her HIV/Leukemia status is negative. We hope to see gradual improvement over the next few weeks.



Izzy has been hanging out in the East end of Belleville for quite some time. Living under decks and sleeping on porches. She is spayed and now with us looking for a home. She communicates with an initial hiss but that is all fir show. Loves to have her ears scratched! Loves being served breakfast in bed.


Sugar and Snow

Sugar and Snow have graduated from our intake area and are now in a room of their own. Super sweet but super shy they need a quiet home together where new owner will be patient with their shyness during their transition. Truly sweet natured girls! Mother and daughter.