Pet Listings


Bobbie is one of 3 females we have taken in that were living outdoors. Bobbie delivered her 4 babies on May 10th. Shown here with her mother Lucy and sister Duchess. Duchess also recently had her babies. They are all co parenting…



Elsa is a young adult female who will be available for adoption once she is spayed. A very friendly little girl!she would make a wonderful addition to any home.    



Monet is a young adult female who came to us pregnant. She has a very sweet playful personality. Monet delivered 5 beautiful babies on May 19th.



Taco is a 1.t year old girl admitted 02 April. She is presently very pregnant and awaiting the birth of her babies. Update: Taco delivered her 5 beautiful babies on April 7th.



Rosie  is a 5 year old spayed female whose owner went into long term care. She is bonded with her sister Lucy. They must be adopted together.



Lucy is a 5 year old spayed female whose owner went into long term care. She is bonded with her sister Rosie. They must be adopted together.



Carmela came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray. She was the mother of the 5 kittens we took in awhile ago. Two of which were missing a back leg. They have all been adopted. Carmela is now spayed. She has a very sweet personality but is scared in new environments.  She would do best in a quiet home.



Our handsome Mufasa is finally ready to find a home. For those of you who don’t remember who he is here is his story. We took him in when was just 5 weeks old from a barn where he had wandered into the goat pen and sustained a spinal injury. He was left without the use of his back legs and ended up losing one of them. He is incontinent and wears a diaper. He is the sweetest most loving little guy and his disability does NOT slow him down! He runs and plays unaware he is disabled. He would need a home with someone who understands his disability and is able to provide the care he needs. If you think that may be you then please message me. He picked out this tie for his photo op hoping he would catch someone’s eye.



Ginger is a senior girl whose owner could no longer care for. She is spayed and 11 years young. Very sweet and social. She requires a thyroid medication each am. The medication is not expensive and she is VERY easy to pill.



Introducing Walter, a 3-4- year old very sweet boy. Walter has a distinctive wobbly walk that sets him apart. He has endured numerous harsh winters outdoors struggling to survive, yet his spirit remains unbroken.
Walter's first impression might be one of shyness, but beneath that initial reserve lies a heart filled with warmth and affection. Given a bit of time and trust, he transforms into a sweet and loving companion. He's been longing for a forever family to share his life with and can't wait to become your closest friend.
One of Walter's endearing qualities is his ability to get along with other cats. If you already have feline family members, he'll likely fit right in, making him a wonderful addition to your household.



Late one night, a little cat named Teddy was discovered, sitting in a ditch, frail and abandoned. Her coat was dirty and matted, her spirits were low, and she was far from well. It was a heartbreaking sight, but little did Teddy know that her story was about to take a beautiful turn.

Despite the dire circumstances, hope still flickered for Teddy. She had a microchip, and it held the key to her identity. However, when her chip was scanned, the information provided led to a dead end. The world she once knew had changed, but her spirit remained unbroken. Her name was Teddy, and she was 11 years old.

When Teddy found her way to FFL, her condition raised concerns. She was diagnosed with "Megacolon," likely the result of untreated constipation. But with each passing day, her strength grew, and she began to heal. Teddy has been under our care for over a year now, and with the dedication of our team, she's managed with twice-a-day medication. Her resilience is nothing short of extraordinary.

One thing you should know about Teddy is that she's not just a survivor; she's a lover. Teddy is a true lap cat, adoring the warmth and attention of her human. There's a gentle spark in her eyes when she's being pampered, a testament to her appreciation for love.

While Teddy is content with her own company, she can coexist with other cats, as long as it's on her terms. She appreciates her personal space but wouldn't mind a feline friend who understands her need for autonomy.

Teddy's journey has been one of heartache and healing, of resilience and love. She's shown us the incredible strength that lies within, and now she's ready for the next chapter of her life—a chapter filled with love, care, and the warmth of a forever home.



Norma came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. Her kittens have weaned and been adopted. She will be Spayed prior to adoption.


Sugar and Snow

Sugar and Snow have graduated from our intake area and are now in a room of their own. Super sweet but super shy they need a quiet home together where new owner will be patient with their shyness during their transition. Truly sweet natured girls! Mother and daughter.