Save a StrayBecome a Fixed Fur Life “Guardian Angel” Today!

Fixed Fur Life’s loyal supporters are the foundation of our rescue efforts. However, with the increasing number of animals coming our way every day/year, we need your help so we can continue to keep our doors open and save more lives.

We operate strictly on a volunteer basis (no paid employees or government funding) so every single dollar donated goes to the day-to-day and medical care of the animals (e.g., spaying, neutering, vaccinations and medical emergencies).  We rely heavily on the generosity of donors who drop off items throughout the year to help us reduce the financial strain of providing basic and necessary supplies like KMR milk formula, food and specialized foods for seniors/urinary care/GI sensitivities, cat litter, cleaning supplies, puppy pads, toys and warm blankets for over 2,000 animals we care for each year.

Through monthly donations, you can provide Fixed Fur Life with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead. When you donate monthly, you will join a special group of Guardian Angels reaching out to provide essential funding of our daily efforts to save more animals. Together, we can rescue more abandoned animals, help prevent pet over population, and offer our rescued animals the hope of a better, safer life.

Become a Guardian Angel today and enjoy:

Easy, manageable monthly donations
The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately
The flexibility to change, suspend or cancel your donation at any time
The wonderful feeling one gets from protecting and helping the animals in need every month in our community.

How Your Generous Donation Can Help

Your monthly donation is not only convenient for you, but it will help make an immediate difference for all the animals that come our way. Here are just a few examples of the impact your monthly donation can make on an annual basis. 

$5 a month: Sponsors the spay/neuter of 1 dog or cat.

$10 a month:  Provides medical supplies for orphaned kittens who will receive around-the-clock care and bottle feeding or it sponsors the spay/neuter of 2 dogs or cats.

$25 a month: Sponsors the spay/neuter of 5 dogs or cats.

$50 a month: Sponsors the spay/neuter of 10 dogs or cats.

$100 a month: Provides emergency treatment for 10 cats with an upper respiratory infection or provides the initial emergency treatment of 2 dogs or cats who have been traumatically injured or sponsors the spay/neuter of 20 dogs or cats.

For as little as 17 cents a day, your monthly giving can change the life for animals in need and those waiting for loving furever homes in our community  Please join our compassionate group of monthly donors and become a Guardian Angel today! 

You can sign up for Fixed Fur Life using the secure website:

E-transfers can be sent directly to

If you prefer to give by cheque, please email us at and we will arrange to collect post-dated cheques from you.