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Fenwick (Fenny)

Fenwick is a 6 year old spayed female whose owner can no longer care for. She s bonded with her brother Milo. They would like to find a home together. […]

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As of 01 September 2023 Fixed Fur Life has Spayed and Neutered 29, 701 cats  and dogs (and 216 Bunnies) in the Quinte area!

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Happy Endings

Literally thousands of Animals have come through our doors. The majority of these animals have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Visit our gallery and view these Happy Endings!

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Amazing News!

The Bay of Quinte Classic Crusiers 5th annual event was held on Sept 9th and they were able to raise $6,000 for Fixed Fur life and $ 6,000 for the Trenton Memorial Foundation! What a great team effort by these volunteers, sponsors , donors and those who came out to support the event! It was a fantastic day raising funds for two great charities! #followus #thankyou #fundraising #love #like #vintagecars #pinups Canadian Bombshell Beauties


A huge Thank you to the Global Pet Foods BELLEVILLE Who held their customer appreciation event on Sat and included Fixed Fur Life. A total of $1106.95 was raised! Ann owner of Global also provides a cat room in the store for FFL adoptions. Literally hundreds of cats have found homes through this venue. Thank you to Ann and her staff and our FFL volunteers for all of their hard work!


Huge Thank you to Kevin and Stacey and staff for all their hard work and raising a whopping $3357.00 for Fixed Fur Life! Thank you as well to all of our amazing supporters who stopped by to support FFL!Thank you to Liz and Zeus for accepting the cheque on behalf of FFL….  


Thank you to Kevin and Stacey and staff at the Trenton Pet Valu for all of their fundraising efforts supporting FFL. Thank you to all who came by and purchased a paw and supported the auction and raffles! $3,358.00 was raised!


A BIG  Thank you to the Commodores Orchestra who put on a free concert for the community and raised $514.00 for Fixed Fur Life!


Huge Thank you to Mark Wilson and employees at Black Diamond Cheese ( Lactalis Canada) for raising and donating $820 to Fixed Fur Life!


Big Thank you to the girls and members from the Progressive Euchre Quinte for raising and donating $655.00 to Fixed Fur Life! 🐱🐰🐶


A huge Thank You to Connie Yrjola, Barb Forgie and volunteers for once again including Fixed Fur Life in their fundraising efforts. They raised just under $1,000 for the animals in our care!


DeJaVu partnered with Concession Street Popcorn for the month of April and thanks to you we raised $247.00 for Fixed Furlife Quinsey Thank-you for loving the popcorn supporting my friend Chris’ new business and helping animals in our community through Fixed Fur Life!!


A Huge THANK YOU to the Global Pet Foods BELLEVILLE for raising $1453.50 for Fixed Fur Life through their Show us Your Heart Campaign! Thank you to all who donated!


Thank You Rossmore Animal Hospital for raising $1000.00 for Fixed Fur Life during their 30 year Anniversary Event!


Thank You Trenton & Brighton Pet Valu  for another  amazing and much needed donation of dry food!


Thank you Global Pet Foods Belleville

Another huge Thank you to Ann at Global Pet Foods Belleville for another amazing donation of litter! She does this year round. The money we save by not having to purchase litter leaves us more oom to help more kitties in the community!


Huge Thank you to VCA VCA Canada Foster Park Animal Hospital for raising $600 for Fixed Fur Life via their nail trims for charity event!


Thank you to Troy Dolan and Bay Subaru for the amazing donation of $1000 to Fixed Fur Life! Thank you to Gail Law for accepting the donation on behalf of FFL.



A huge Thank you to Global Pet Foods Belleville for including Fixed Fur Life in their Anniversary event Oct 1st and raising $1171.30. Thank you to all those who attended.


Thank you Bay of Quinte Classic Cruisers!

A huge Thank you to the amazing group of volunteers who planned, implemented and participated in the 4th Annual Bay of Quinte Classic Cruisers car show and raised $5,000 for Fixed Fur Life! A ton of work and dedication went into this event. Thank you to all who attended as well!  


Huge Thank you to Kevin and Stacey owners of the Trenton Pet Valu and the Brighton Pet Valu for once again stocking us up with dry food for our many, many kitties!


Thank you to Ann Ryan (Belleville Global Pet Foods) for another amazing donation of litter!


Empties For Paws

Update on Brock

Brock continues to do well! Eating, drinking and urinating appropriately. He loves his special diet. He looks and feels so much better.

Update on Brock

Update on Brock

Very happy to share that Brock came home Sunday night after spending the weekend in the emergency after hours hospital.

On Friday he became very lethargic, his urine was bloody and he was in so much pain. He was admitted to the emergency after hours hospital where it was determined that he was almost completely blocked and he had a massive urinary tract infection. His kidney values were through the roof. He would not have made it to morning. Over the weekend he received IV fluids to flush out his bladder,was catheterized and given different antibiotic and pain meds. 

Very happy to share today that he came home last night. Kidney values had returned to normal, catheter was removed and he is eating and urinating adequately. He will continue with antibiotics, pain medications and a special diet.

I wanted to say Thank you to our amazing supporters who donated towards his care! We can’t thank you enough. He now has a second chance at a better life.




We are always happy to help out other organizations when we can when they are not able to cover medical expenses. This is the latest group of 8 kittens and 2 pregnant girls that we are covering the veterinary expenses for to get them on the road to recovery.


Update on “Brock” the fellow we took in last night. He has spent the day at the vet for assessment and treatment. He was in so much pain he had to be sedated. He has multiple bite wounds and abscess’s the worst of which was on the side of his face with eye involvement. All have been drained and cleaned and he will be on pain meds and antibiotics for awhile…While sedated the vet was able to neuter him… Rest and recovery for him now…