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Sammy is a 5 year old male neutered boy whose owner has to go into long term care.

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As of 01 October  2019 Fixed Fur Life has Spayed and Neutered 25,002  cats and dogs (and 186 Bunnies) in the Quinte area!

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Happy Endings

Literally thousands of Animals have come through our doors. The majority of these animals have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Visit our gallery and view these Happy Endings!

Thank You!


A wonderful day yesterday at the Dugout Grill! Thank you to all who came out to support Fixed Fur Life. Special Thanks to the wonderful Angel Wiggins who organized the event and all of her wonderful volunteers ! Also a big Thank you to Jenn French owner of the Dugout who generously donated the venue! Special thanks to Porter Mechanical for the use of the trailer for the Stage... to Dale for the use of tables and chairs and  to all of the very generous sponsors and supporters who donated prizes and auction items... to the Harpells and Steve Piticco providing the live entertainment...


A huge Thank you to the Bay of Quinte Classic Cruisers who recently presented a cheque to Fixed Fur Life for 4500.00 from their car show in June. What an amazing group of individuals. They also presented the same amount to the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation. This is their third year I believe and to date they have raised over 19,000 for charities in our community. Kudos to their hardworking efforts to help those in need!


A huge Thank You to Ann Ryan owner of Global Pet Foods Global Pet Foods Belleville and her hard working staff for including Fixed Fur Life in their Anniversary Event! It was a great day! Also a big Thank You to Kelly Ann and all of our Fixed Fur Life volunteers for working so hard to make this day happen! Thank you to all who attended the event. The support in our community is nothing short of amazing! Please note $1.00 from the sale of each of these toys will be donated back to FFL until Feb 2020...


I had the privilege of meeting with this amazing young entrepreneur this past week. Kash has a woodworking business at just 10 years old and donates 50% of his proceeds to animals in need. He stopped by this week to drop off the supplies he had collected for our kitties. The first picture speaks volumes! Bootsie is raising her paw in Thanks!


Huge Thank you to Ellen Marrisett who asked for donations for Fixed Fur Life at her Bridal shower. So thoughtful and so generous! We have some pretty happy kitties here this am!


A special Thank you to a Special Lady! Thank you Gail Law one of our wonderful volunteers who works tirelessly doing on line yard sale and auctions for our Fur Babies!


Thank You to The  Employee’s at Black Diamond Belleville for raising $1200 through an in house fundraiser!


Thank you Shorelines Casino for raising $395 for Fixed Fur Life!


Thank you to all who attended Paint Night by Purposeful Painting. $240 was raised for the animals. Thank you to Jenn owner of the Dugout for hosting.


Thank you to the Trenton Pet  Valu for their amazing fundraising throughout the month of April.  What an amazing assortment of activities they came up with! We are so lucky to have their support which includes an adoption venue as well! Thank you to all who came out to support!


Thank you to Quinte Ride For Paws Poker Run on Sunday. They raised an amazing 680.00 for Fixed Fur Life! Thank you to Tam Vadja and Derek Andrews and all of their wonderful volunteers and the community who came out to support!


We are very Thankful to have the Belleville Pet Valu as one of our adoption venues AND fundraise for Fixed Fur Life!



Thank  You Roxanne Bauder for the donation of a cat Tree. The kittens LOVE it


Thank you Carter Ward for collecting donations for Fixed Fur Life in Lieu of presents for his birthday! This very special young man also was a Junior Top pledge collector for his age group this year at our recent Strut for Strays!


A Big Thank you to Barb Forgie and Connie Yrjola the organizers of the Mother of all Craft Shows held last weekend! They have included us as their charity for many years and we are so appreciative! They put together such an amazing event! Each year they grow. It just keeps getting bigger and better! This year they raised an amazing $2354.00 for Fixed Fur Life! A big Thank you to all of the Artisans who donated items for the Raffle table and Plinko for Pets. Thank you to all who attended! Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who came out to help!


Students from VP Carswell gave us a cheque for $328.74 for Fixed Fur Life!! Great community❤️

#fixedfurlife #vpcarswell #community


Thank You Leslie Abrams of “ Get Yoga” for hosting Cat Yoga and raising 500.00 for Fixed Fur Life!



Thank You Quinte Animal Hospital and Purposeful Painting for holding a Paint night for a Fixed Fur Life and raising $240.00!



Thank you Brad Denoon for another successful photo shoot. Easter this time. Thank you as well to the attention Pet Valu for hosting!


A HUGE THANK YOU to the organizers of this fabulous fundraiser! A fun packed Sunday afternoon raised $8100 for Fixed Fur Life!

The amazing hard working organizers Angela Wiggins, Barb Rickert, D’arcy McCallum , Marla becket, Brian Kimmond and Sherry Allin worked their tails off putting it all together! Thank you also to Vic for hosting the event and all the fabulous people who came out and supported FFL. Great news for animal lovers as a Fixed Fur Life fundraiser raised over $8,000 Sunday, April 7. Vic's Place in Belleville was packed to hear music from local entertainers The Impish Grins and CJBQ's own Robyn Scott (pictured below). Fixed Fur Life organizes foster homes for abandoned and lost animals and pays for veterinary care including spaying and neutering before putting them up for adoption. Fixed Fur Life's next event will be Strut for Strays at Zwicks Park in Belleville June 1.


Thanks For Giving Campaign
Every October the Trenton Pet Valu includes Fixed Fur Life in their Thanks for a Giving Campaign. We are so Thankful to be included! They are so good to us year round and step up their efforts with this campaign throughout the month of October.
When supplies are donated we are able to direct more money to the veterinary expenses of the animals in our care. Our Wish list:
Puppy Pads
Dry adult Performatrin
Wet kitten food
Cats toys
Cat beds
Extra Warm Fuzzy blankets for the wee ones
Scratching pads
Garbage Bags
Update on Mac & Janine

Update on Mac and Janine. These two siblings have had a very Long journey. Shown then and now. They are now Spayed and neutered and are looking for homes.

We Need You!

With the overwhelming intake recently of kittens, pregnant moms, nursing moms and so many cases that need extensive medical care we are putting out a plea. Please consider any of the following options:
1) In desperate need puppy pads, NON clumping litter-We use Pine, wheat or grass litter. These are compatible for the smaller kittens.
2) Wet Food ( We use Friskies- Pate only as the gravy variety can cause GI upset)
4) Consider becoming a monthly supporter
Please share with your friends and family

Become a Fixed Fur Life Guardian Angel. As you can imagine The bills pile up quickly and we are hoping to get more people signing up for monthly giving. It is simple, it is easy and it would allow us to manage all these vet bills and plan for the cases that come through our doors everyday.

There are several ways you can participate:
1) You can sign up for using the secure website:

2) You can do E transfers to

3) You can donate through the Pay Pal link on our website

3) If you are uncomfortable with the on line route you can mail post dated cheque’s to Fixed Fur Life P.O. Box 20091 Belleville K8N 5V1

Can you Help

I apologize for the graphic pictures. We have had a significant increase in cats needing extensive veterinary care. These are 5 of the latest cases.

  1. Peanut came to us with a mouth full of horrendously rotten abscessed teeth and a fractured lower jaw. He required a full mouth extraction and repair of his Jaw.
  2. Benny is suffering from a severe infestation of ear mites causing him to do this to himself. Minor surgery to treat his ears was needed.
  3. Gary had been roaming the streets unneutered for over a year with eye ulcers so bad he is blind in one eye. He is receiving treatment to save the other eye.
  4. Millie came to us with a wound on her neck, hind end and back that will require extensive meds and wound care.

These cases and expenses are why we ask for people to consider Monthly giving. It is simple and it is easy and as I said before allows us to plan for these cases. It allows us to be able to help these guys in need and not worry if we will have enough donations coming in to pay for this.

Everyone doing just 5, 10 or 20.00 a month will all add up and allow us to continue helping so many in need.

There are several ways you can participate:
1) You can sign up for using the secure website:

2) You can do E transfers to

3) If you are uncomfortable with the on line route you can mail post dated cheque’s to P.O. Box 20091 Belleville K8N 5V1

NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Thank you to all who have already signed up.

Did You Know

‪Friday’s letter to the editor‬

Organization seeking assistance

Since 2004 Fixed Fur Life, a charitable organization, has been working aggressively in the Quinte community to combat pet overpopulation. To date they have successfully spayed and neutered 23,266 cats and dogs in Quinte.

As hard as we work out in the community to combat the overpopulation crisis we are still seeing multitudes of cats and kittens out in our community that are breeding continuously, as evidenced by the recent report of overcrowding at local shelters.

Our goal is to reduce these numbers thus decreasing the burden on local shelters. While the efforts are tireless and frustrating at times we do believe that aggressive Spaying and neutering is the answer and eventually we will see the results.

Fixed Fur Life assists over 2,000 cats and dogs per year. At any given time during the year we will have 2 to 300 cats in our intake area, foster homes and four adoption centers. As we adopt out we take more in from the long waiting list we have acquired. Referrals come to us by word of mouth, the veterinary community, other rescue organizations and shelters.

As the cold weather approaches our efforts are ramped up to get as many pregnant females and kittens off the streets and inside. With these increased efforts comes an increased expense. FFL receives zero funding and relies on donations and fundraisers to continue its efforts. FFL is comprised of volunteers with zero paid staff which allows us to direct all funds to veterinary expenses defined as spaying, neutering and medical emergencies.

We are hoping to reach our next goal of 24,000 by the end of December 2018. If you would like to assist us in our endeavour donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 20091 Belleville K8N 5V1.

On Line donations can be made through our website

E Transfers to

Darlene Quinsey
President of Fixed Fur Life