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Addy’s siblings have all been adopted and she is now by herself. She will present as very shy but really responds to soft kitty talk and patience. She loves other cats as she came in with a group.   She needs someone to  to look past her initial shyness and see what a sweetie she […]

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As of 01 January 2019 Fixed Fur Life has Spayed and Neutered 23,816 cats and dogs (and 180 Bunnies) in the Quinte area!

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Happy Endings

Literally thousands of Animals have come through our doors. The majority of these animals have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Visit our gallery and view these Happy Endings!

Thank You!


Big Thank you to Ann Ryan and Staff at the Global Pet Foods Belleville for raising $240.00 for Fixed Fur Life by hosting a Christmas Tree ornament sale!


Thank you to the Bay of Quinte Classic Cruisers who held a Car Show this past August and raised an amazing $3,000 for Fixed Fur Life!


Thank you Hillcrest Animal Hospital for including Fixed Fur Life in your “12 days of Christmas” fundraiser to collect much needed supplies for our Fur babies!


Thank you to Furballs Choice in the Somerville Plaza on Hwy 62 fo4 collecting much needed supplies for Fixed Fur Life!



Thank you to everyone who participated in our Nail Trims For Charity. We are thrilled to donate $1740.00 to Fixed Fur Life! @fixed_fur_life



Thank you to Dr Drysdale for donating 10 Post Spay shirts. Very generous and will allow us to forego the use of cones. This will keep incisions protected and kitty will be much more comfortable!


We have the most amazing supporters! Thank you to all who Stopped by the Trenton Pet Valu to donate food, litter, toys and blankets, formula and puppy pads. We struggle to fill all the hungry bellies so this is a HUGE help! Thank you to Kevin and Stacey ( Trenton Pet Valu) for their contributions, hosting of our adoption venue and the many fundraising initiatives!!


A big Thank you to all who came out to support Fixed Fur Life at Little Stinkers Natural Pet Foods & Grooming Anniversary Howl-O-Ween Pawty! It was a cold wet day and our amazing volunteers and supporters persevered and raised an amazing $1,158.15 for the animals! Also a huge Thank you to Tammy Noble, Janine and staff of Little Stinkers who gave an enormous amount of their time,energy and money to host the event and participate on that very cold day. Thank you to All!


A big Thank you to Brad Denoon for organizing a Halloween Photo shoot day with proceeds to FixedFur Life. Thank you as well for Kevin and Stacey of the Trenton Pet Valu for hosting the event.


Thank you to Amber from Exclusive Invites, Brooke from Runway Bridal  for inviting us to fundraise at the Bridal Show this past weekend. Also a HUGE Thank yo7 to Steve Marshman for the donation of Diamond  studs to raffle off!



HGS #Belleville had a fundraiser for Fixed Fur Life that they ran over the last 3 weeks. To raise funds, they had a number of TL’s and support staff volunteer to be Pied in the Face. People bought 50\50 tickets and voted with their ticket for the person they wanted to be Pied. The team raised $716. Half went to a 50\50 draw and $358 will be donated to Fixed Fur Life. A big thanks to everyone who donated!


Big Thank You  “Quinte Ride for Paws” 2018 for raising 1510.00 for Fixed Fur Life. thank you to Tamalin Vadja and Derek Andrews and all of the volunteers and riders involved!


A message from Stonehenge Kennel this am

So a few weeks ago my granddaughters Faith and Helena organized a bake sale and craft sale to raise money for Fix Fur Life.🐶🐱 We had many baked good and beautiful crafts & jewelry for sale. Thank you Tina Osbourne and Ann Bouma for bringing your love ely art pieces over. They raised $200.00 in the sale. As well we had a raffle going on with two gorgeous pieces donated by 2 local artist/ businesses. The first raffle prize was a barn quilt made and donated by Ann Bouma. The winner of the quilt was Tara Rolak. Our second raffle prize was a beautiful infinity scarf made and donated by Haley Robinson- Dandelion Wishes. Winner of the scarf is Leslie Breithaupt. Congratulations everyone! 🐈🐕 100.00 was raised in the Raffle 🐕 $300.00 was raised in total for Fix Fur Life. Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting this great cause. 🐈


Thank You to Allen Insurance for raising $430.00 for Fixed Fur Life and much needed supplies!


Thank you to Kim MacDonald (Dejavu Boutique) for organizing this fundraiser. Thank you to all of her amazing Pin Up girls who collected pledges raising $4807.00 for Fixed Fur Life!


Recently there has been some bad press for the City of Belleville. Letters to the editor that stated misinformation re they don’t support the animals in our community. I wanted to go on record and say that Fixed Fur Life is very appreciative of the support the City of Belleville has shown our organization. Since 2004 they have been supporting us behind the scenes by waiving rental fees and service costs whenever we hold a fundraiser. Most notably our Strut for Strays each year. This has amounted to literally thousands of dollars that we were able to put back into helping the animals in Quinte. To date we have assisted over 22,000 cats and dogs in Quinte and it is with the above noted generosity that we are able to continue our mission. So Thank you to the City of Belleville.




Huge Thank you to Quinte Ride for Paws for once again including Fixed Fur Life in their list of recipients. They raised an amazing $1,050.00 for Fixed Fur Life! Thank you Tam Vadja and Derek Andrews and all others  who contributed, organized, showed up and supported!


George and Audrey accepted a cheque on behalf of Fixed Fur Life from the Pet Valu Trenton. They raised $3075 in the month of April! Thank you to Kevin and Stacy and Staff at the Trenton Pet Valu for all of their hard work and support!


Huge big Thank you to the Mother of All Craft Shows 2018 Who once again supported Fixed Fur Life and raised an amazing $1960.00 for FFL! Special Thanks to Barb Forgie and Connie Yrjola the organizers who worked so hard and pulled off another beautiful event! Also Thank you to all of our FFL girls who volunteered that day and our supporters in the Community who came out to support!




Save a StrayBecome a Fixed Fur Life “Guardian Angel” Today!

Fixed Fur Life’s loyal supporters are the foundation of our rescue efforts. However, with the increasing number of animals coming our way every day/year, we need your help so we can continue to keep our doors open and save more lives.

We operate strictly on a volunteer basis (no paid employees or government funding) so every single dollar donated goes to the day-to-day and medical care of the animals (e.g., spaying, neutering, vaccinations and medical emergencies).  We rely heavily on the generosity of donors who drop off items throughout the year to help us reduce the financial strain of providing basic and necessary supplies like KMR milk formula, food and specialized foods for seniors/urinary care/GI sensitivities, cat litter, cleaning supplies, puppy pads, toys and warm blankets for over 2,000 animals we care for each year.

Through monthly donations, you can provide Fixed Fur Life with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead. When you donate monthly, you will join a special group of Guardian Angels reaching out to provide essential funding of our daily efforts to save more animals. Together, we can rescue more abandoned animals, help prevent pet over population, and offer our rescued animals the hope of a better, safer life.

Become a Guardian Angel today and enjoy:

Easy, manageable monthly donations
The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately
The flexibility to change, suspend or cancel your donation at any time
The wonderful feeling one gets from protecting and helping the animals in need every month in our community.

How Your Generous Donation Can Help

Your monthly donation is not only convenient for you, but it will help make an immediate difference for all the animals that come our way. Here are just a few examples of the impact your monthly donation can make on an annual basis. 

$5 a month: Sponsors the spay/neuter of 1 dog or cat.

$10 a month:  Provides medical supplies for orphaned kittens who will receive around-the-clock care and bottle feeding or it sponsors the spay/neuter of 2 dogs or cats.

$25 a month: Sponsors the spay/neuter of 5 dogs or cats.

$50 a month: Sponsors the spay/neuter of 10 dogs or cats.

$100 a month: Provides emergency treatment for 10 cats with an upper respiratory infection or provides the initial emergency treatment of 2 dogs or cats who have been traumatically injured or sponsors the spay/neuter of 20 dogs or cats.

For as little as 17 cents a day, your monthly giving can change the life for animals in need and those waiting for loving furever homes in our community  Please join our compassionate group of monthly donors and become a Guardian Angel today! 

You can sign up for Fixed Fur Life using the secure website:

E-transfers can be sent directly to

If you prefer to give by cheque, please email us at and we will arrange to collect post-dated cheques from you.

Did You Know

‪Friday’s letter to the editor‬

Organization seeking assistance

Since 2004 Fixed Fur Life, a charitable organization, has been working aggressively in the Quinte community to combat pet overpopulation. To date they have successfully spayed and neutered 23,266 cats and dogs in Quinte.

As hard as we work out in the community to combat the overpopulation crisis we are still seeing multitudes of cats and kittens out in our community that are breeding continuously, as evidenced by the recent report of overcrowding at local shelters.

Our goal is to reduce these numbers thus decreasing the burden on local shelters. While the efforts are tireless and frustrating at times we do believe that aggressive Spaying and neutering is the answer and eventually we will see the results.

Fixed Fur Life assists over 2,000 cats and dogs per year. At any given time during the year we will have 2 to 300 cats in our intake area, foster homes and four adoption centers. As we adopt out we take more in from the long waiting list we have acquired. Referrals come to us by word of mouth, the veterinary community, other rescue organizations and shelters.

As the cold weather approaches our efforts are ramped up to get as many pregnant females and kittens off the streets and inside. With these increased efforts comes an increased expense. FFL receives zero funding and relies on donations and fundraisers to continue its efforts. FFL is comprised of volunteers with zero paid staff which allows us to direct all funds to veterinary expenses defined as spaying, neutering and medical emergencies.

We are hoping to reach our next goal of 24,000 by the end of December 2018. If you would like to assist us in our endeavour donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 20091 Belleville K8N 5V1.

On Line donations can be made through our website

E Transfers to

Darlene Quinsey
President of Fixed Fur Life

Halloween Photo Shoot

October 28, 2018

Halloween Pet Photos in support of Fixed Fur Life at the Trenton Pet Valu. Accepting cash donations for a photo(s) emailed to you!Frightfully fabulous photography by Brad Denoon.
Appointments recommended. Call 613 394-4118 to Book.


As you can see we are bursting at the seams with pregnant cats, adult cats, sick cats, kittens, kittens and more kittens.

Looking for dry and wet cat food. In an effort to not upset tummies we use consistent brands:
1) Dry Performatrin adult and kitten (Pet Valu)
2) Wet canned Performatrin or Friskies Pate
3) Senior food dry ( Global Pet Foods)

Also on our wish list are puppy pads
Kitten toys
Paper Towels

Thank you ahead of time if you are able to help. Items can be dropped at Foster Park or either of the Pet Valu’s


Please note that I have changed internet providers so all of my communication will be done through I have deleted my old address