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Rocky Is a 5-year old Shitzu whose senior owner can no longer care for. He is great with kids, healthy, up-to-date on shots, always been professionally groomed, and is crate trained. He will come with crate, toys, food.

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As of 01 August 2018 Fixed Fur Life has Spayed and Neutered 22,871  cats and dogs (and 176 Bunnies) in the Quinte area!

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Happy Endings

Literally thousands of Animals have come through our doors. The majority of these animals have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Visit our gallery and view these Happy Endings!

Thank You!


Thank You to Allen Insurance for raising $430.00 for Fixed Fur Life and much needed supplies!


Thank you to Kim MacDonald (Dejavu Boutique) for organizing this fundraiser. Thank you to all of her amazing Pin Up girls who collected pledges raising $4807.00 for Fixed Fur Life!


Recently there has been some bad press for the City of Belleville. Letters to the editor that stated misinformation re they don’t support the animals in our community. I wanted to go on record and say that Fixed Fur Life is very appreciative of the support the City of Belleville has shown our organization. Since 2004 they have been supporting us behind the scenes by waiving rental fees and service costs whenever we hold a fundraiser. Most notably our Strut for Strays each year. This has amounted to literally thousands of dollars that we were able to put back into helping the animals in Quinte. To date we have assisted over 22,000 cats and dogs in Quinte and it is with the above noted generosity that we are able to continue our mission. So Thank you to the City of Belleville.




Huge Thank you to Quinte Ride for Paws for once again including Fixed Fur Life in their list of recipients. They raised an amazing $1,050.00 for Fixed Fur Life! Thank you Tam Vadja and Derek Andrews and all others  who contributed, organized, showed up and supported!


George and Audrey accepted a cheque on behalf of Fixed Fur Life from the Pet Valu Trenton. They raised $3075 in the month of April! Thank you to Kevin and Stacy and Staff at the Trenton Pet Valu for all of their hard work and support!


Huge big Thank you to the Mother of All Craft Shows 2018 Who once again supported Fixed Fur Life and raised an amazing $1960.00 for FFL! Special Thanks to Barb Forgie and Connie Yrjola the organizers who worked so hard and pulled off another beautiful event! Also Thank you to all of our FFL girls who volunteered that day and our supporters in the Community who came out to support!


This amazing young man never ceases to astonish me! Shown here with the items he purchased with the earnings he received at his latest craft show! He is also participating in our Strut for Strays again this year! Check out his page!


Thank you Brad Denoon Photography and The Trenton Pet Valu for hosting Easter Photo’s today in support of Fixed Fur Life!




        Thank you to the wonderful cat lovers who joined Leslie Abram ( Owner of Get Yoga) and friends for cat yoga today! Seven of our wee ones joined the Cat Yoga fundraiser and a good time was had by all! They were able to raise $400 for our Fur babies at Fixed Fur Life.


Huge Thank you to the kind and generous folks at the Belleville Canadian Legion who presented us with a cheque for $500.00 this am!


Thank you to Robin Hilts who raised $ 242.00 through her Scentsy Fundraiser for Fixed Fur Life!


On behalf of Fixed Fur Life I would like to thank the members of the ANAF Unit 201 Belleville for all their donations to help our rescue. It was an amazing fundraiser! President Brian Woodley and Entertainment Chair Person Sylvia Burtt made the presentation February 17/18. The supplies and cash donations will certainly help us to continue our every day efforts to help the many animals we take in.


  A big thank you to Brad Denoon, Trenton Pet Valu and everyone who came out for Valentine's photos today. You raised $270.00 for Fixed Fur Life! #fixedfurlife #braddenoonphotography #bestcommunity


  A huge Thank you Leslie Abrams for holding an art exhibit with proceeds to Fixed Fur Life. She raised an amazing 1,040.00 for the animals!


  A huge Thank you to Foster Park Pet Hospital for raising $1,040.00 for Fixed Fur Life! Shown here are Dr Kristina Bennett, Dr Gord Thompson and their amazing staff Bobbi, Theresa, Amanda, Laura, Kayla and Chelsea! We are so appreciative of their support!


A big Thank you to the Trenton Pet Valu and Brad Denoon Photography for hosting HOLIDAY PHOTO'S this past weekend. A good time was had by All!  


A big Thank you to the Quinte Animal Hospital for choosing Fixed Fur Life as the recipient of funds raised during their annual Haunted Hospital Halloween event. They raised an amazing $500.00 for the animals in our care!


What a PAW-some time last night at the fundraising event hosted by the Belleville Boston Pizza.  A special thanks to Mitch Panciuk (owner), Jeff Bechervaise and all the employees at Boston Pizza for making this such a huge success.  The food/drinks were great, the service was exemplar, and a meowing...howling good time was had by all!  Our combined efforts raised $766.55 for Fixed Fur Life!




Did you Know that Fixed Fur Life takes in and cares for over 2,000 animals per year. We have assisted to date over 22,766 cats and dogs in Quinte get Spayed and neutered. (Yes that is Twenty two thousand seven hundred and sixty six and that number grows daily). All of this without funding, paid employees or administrative costs of any kind.

We deal with the challenge of covering vet expenses to cover these spays and Neuters and medical emergencies that present each and every day( Norman’s amputation most recently).

When animals come our way we have to Spay and Neuter, vaccinate, treat for fleas, worms and deal with any medical issues. We don’t charge for animals coming in. Some people will leave a donation (not many).  Not complaining and glad to have the pet safe in our care. Just pointing out the expense we incur with every pet coming our way.

Why am I telling you this. It is because while we have our loyal supporters who donate and give of themselves frequently they are a small handful. We are hoping to boost that number so we can continue our work and not come close to closing like we did 2 years ago.

1) Please consider making a donation or even better sign up for the monthly giving program. On Line link here.

Mailing address
P.O. Box 20091
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5V1

Consider contributing badly needed items from our wish list:

1) Dry Adult/ kitten Performatrin(Pet Valu)

2) Canned wet food (Friskies Pate) or Performatrin
Wet )Pet Valu
3) Senior Geriatric food (Belleville Global Pet Foods)
4)Puppy Pads
5)Paper Towels
6) KMR formula
7) Kitten Toys
8) Bleach

Items can be taken to the Trenton /Belleville Pet Valu or Foster Park Pet Hospital

Thank you to all that support Fixed Fur Life!


As you can see we are bursting at the seams with pregnant cats, adult cats, sick cats, kittens, kittens and more kittens.

Looking for dry and wet cat food. In an effort to not upset tummies we use consistent brands:
1) Dry Performatrin adult and kitten (Pet Valu)
2) Wet canned Performatrin or Friskies Pate
3) Senior food dry ( Global Pet Foods)

Also on our wish list are puppy pads
Kitten toys
Paper Towels

Thank you ahead of time if you are able to help. Items can be dropped at Foster Park or either of the Pet Valu’s

Bottle Drive!

Freedom Farms Raw presents the 2018 “In Return for Freedom” – Fixed Fur Life Bottle Drive!

Freedom Farms Raw is hosting a bottle drive in support of Fixed Fur Life throughout the month of June. 100% of proceeds from donations of customers’ bottle deposits go directly to support this amazing charitable organization.

Thousands of animals have come through their doors. The majority of these animals have been abused, neglected and abandoned. 100% of all donations made to Fixed Fur Life are used for veterinary expenses (spaying/neutering, vaccinations, medical emergencies).

Empties can be dropped off at the Freedom Farms Raw store located at 424 Sine Road in Stirling or if you have a bevy of bottles we will pick up at your doorstep. For pick-up please email us at


Please note that I have changed internet providers so all of my communication will be done through I have deleted my old address